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Modular Smart Tiny Single

Do you want to build bio-based and circular structures without the long zoning planning permission process and/or restrictions as a result of the particulate issues? Then the modular Smart Tiny Single could be interesting for you. This is assembled in our factory and can be placed ready for use, on site. The units may be assembled in blocks up to four storeys high.

The modular Smart Tiny Single can be just as easily removed as it is placed. In the Netherlands this is a condition of applying for a temporary construction permit for 15 years, based on the Emergency Recovery Act (‘Crisis Herstelwet’). This allows for the avoidance of the years-long planning and zoning procedures. This way we offer policymakers a solution to their task of creating high-quality, sustainable residences for first-time buyers in the short term.

The modular Smart Tiny Single meets all the requirements of the Building Decree and the nearly zero or very low amount of energy buildings (NZEB) and is, therefore, also suitable for permanent structures.

We expect our first modular Smart Tiny Single to roll off the production line this autumn.

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Wij bieden beleidsmakers de mogelijkheid om op korte termijn hoogwaardige en duurzame starterswoningen te realiseren

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