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Are you a policymaker, property developer, investor or builder, and do you want to create affordable homes for first-time buyers in inner city locations? Then a block of Smart Tiny Lofts would be a welcome additional to your project.

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Smart Tiny Loft makes inner city living possible for first-time buyers.

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Our first 52 Smart Tiny Lofts in Amsterdam are almost entirely carbon neutral in use. And we are working hard to develop completely environmentally friendly and circular Smart Tiny Lofts.

The development of a Smart Tiny Loft for families is well underway. This loft, with a floor area of 60 m², will be a valuable addition to what we currently offer.


With a collective fifty years of experience in property development, we are able to provide you with a full service in all the phases of a property development project, from the initial sketch design all the way through to completion. Other possibilities include the marketing & sales services through a consumer portal on our website, as well as guiding the purchaser through the process. For the best possible collaboration, it is advisable to involve us in your project as early as possible.

Come and visit our Smart Tiny Loft. We would like to invite you for a viewing of our Mock-Up in Amsterdam. E-mail us for an appointment at

Intellectual property

The Smart Tiny Single intellectual property has been registered by d2vH with BOIP under the number I-DEPOT 132713.

The Smart Tiny Duo intellectual property has been registered by d2vH with BOIP under the number I-DEPOT 132714.

Construction guarantee

The Smart Tiny Loft interior fittings meet the very stringent quality requirements of the Dutch national body for construction guarantees. This means that they are considered as a fixed part of the residence. In turn this means that the interior fittings can be insured in the building contractor’s completion and handover guarantees, as well as being included in any mortgage financing from the bank.


Could you add additional quality to the Smart Tiny Loft and would you like to become a partner? Please contact us.

About us

Smart Tiny Loft is a d2vH trademark.