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Smart Tiny Loft

For many people their own loft, close to their work in the city, is an impossible dream. But, are you a first-time buyer, this tiny living is the lifestyle for you! Have you also embraced minimalism and decluttered your closets? Then a Smart Tiny Loft could make that dream come true. A team of creative professionals designed the Smart Tiny Loft, paying close attention to detail, with stylish design and careful thought given to every centimetre of space. This means that a quality home in the city is now within your reach. The compact structure also means that you reduce your environmental footprint.

There are 2 types of Smart Tiny Lofts, the Smart Tiny Single and the Smart Tiny Duo.

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First-time buyers in key professions

First-time buyers in key professions often find it difficult to find somewhere to live and as a result they tend to leave the city. But a city cannot survive without teachers, nurses and police officers. This is why Smart Tiny Loft has committed itself to making a comfortable life in the city possible for them.

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Priority for first-time buyers from key-professions.

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Grand Living

in a Small Home

Interior design

No two Smart Tiny Lofts are identical, because you get to personalise your interior entirely to your own taste. From the colours of the cupboards, the counter top, the floor and wall tiles, to the material for the floor coverings and hybrid furniture. You can put your dream loft together with the online Smart Tiny Loft Planner. Your design will come to life in 3D, so that you can make your choices from the endless possibilities, at your leisure.

Construction guarantee

The Smart Tiny Loft interior fittings meet the very stringent quality requirements of the Dutch national body for construction guarantees. This means that they are considered as a fixed part of the residence. In turn, this means that the interior fittings can be insured in the building contractor’s completion and handover guarantees, as well as being included in any mortgage financing from the bank.


By living in a Smart Tiny Loft you reduce your environmental footprint. Relatively little construction material is required to build your Smart Tiny Loft. Moreover, the total space required can be limited by stacking the units on inner city locations. This means that new street layouts and new infrastructure are not required.

And once you are living in a Smart Tiny Loft you use less energy. The first 52 Smart Tiny Lofts in Amsterdam are even almost completely carbon neutral in use. Smart Tiny Loft continues to innovate and is working towards a completely circular building system.